Wednesday the 20th

Today the children will learn about the life of Jesus through the Last Supper. The kids will learn that God showed his love by sending Jesus. Pray that the Lord will open the hearts of the kids to accept without doubt that there is only one true God regardless of what they have previously been […]

Tuesday the 19th

The theme for the day is that God loves us no matter what. We will be walking through the story of Adam and Eve and the kids will learn that God gives choices and it is up to us to make right ones. Pray for seeds to be planted in the hearts of the children. […]

Monday the 18th

Today is our 1st day of India VBS! Our overall theme for this week is “Prem” (Love). Please pray that every child will feel the love of God as we communicate to them how God loves the world and created us in His image. Pray that the kids will learn that we are all valuable […]

Sunday the 17th

Our team will meet with the VBS organizing team and teachers’ team for planning and decoration of the venue. Pray for COI leaders and our team as we get ready to share Christ throughout the week. Pray that we will be encouraging to the COI team in their work and their faith. Commit to the […]

Saturday the 16th

Our group from 121 will have the opportunity to meet the VBS team and see some of Delhi. Please pray that we would be able to orient ourselves quickly to the new culture and enjoy our time with the Indian people over the next few days. Please also pray that our team remains tightly knit […]