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Here’s another  game I’ve run across lately…. tiny castle – it’s a well done platform game.  You have to keep going and the level keeps changing as you go.  Thankfully it saves every so often so you don’t loose your place. Try it out it’s fun. geekyness- iphone 4.0 is releasing an OS upgrade!!! and […]

Geeky video of the Month

Have to go with month here cause I haven’t been very faithful on updating a Geeky video of the Week…… This is a great little computer animated short. Enjoy E.T.A. by JUNK http://vimeo.com/1165693 About this video: “Marvin has the most boring job in the universe – but all is not as it seems… Director: Henrik […]

My plan…..

Here’s the plan for troysims.com. I have a couple of big posts I’m working on. The first will be a posting of my favorite web games, with links, and small blurbs. The second post will be a Top 20 favorite games over all platforms: -web, pc, xbox, playstation, etc. etc. etc. After those two big […]

Time to Geek out!

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk5_OSsawz4 This Guy really geeks out with his accapella rendition of the Star Wars theme.  It’s good but very geeky.