CHRISTmas is upon us!

Due to Christmas being here and with vacationing, travelling to various parts of west Texas, I’m not sure what the frequency of updates will be.  If I’m able to post, then Excellent!!! If not, then in the grand words of Arnold, “I’ll be back” During the break here’s something to keep you busy,  a listing […]

Games, games, and more games

There are some really creative games out there.  Maybe not knew ideas but definitely new implementations of the same ideas.  Take gravity master for instance, it takes the building of contraptions to get a ball to a destination. The difference with this game is that you create your contraptions on the fly as the ball […]

Online Games

For those of you who haven’t ever tried fantastic contraptions, it’s an out of the box thinking style of game that you’ll be thinking about even when not playing it.  You should most definitely check it out: Along those same lines is this one called incredibots, has a steeper learning curve but has more […]

I’d like to start writing about my four favorite ‘G’ thangs.  God, gadgets, geeks, and games. I would imagine that most of my posts will be ‘quotes’ or links and maybe a little bit of me boasting my opinions.