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It’s like Christmas here!!!!

Ok, my laptop was delivered to me today here at Perot Systems. I was shocked by how nice it is. It is the Dell Latitude E6400, Duo Core 8700 @ 2.57Ghz, 4GB ram, 80GB HDD. It’s very nice, compared to the old thinkpad I was using as a temp. And infinitely nicer than what I […]

Tech support

-begin RANT I have come think that Norton Antivirus is a pain to uninstall.  I’d almost say tha it’s harder to get rid of than an actual virus! I’ve been working on a friends computer for most of the day because NAV kept on popping up a window that was trying to find an installed […]

computers as an artform

I ran across this on the internet and thought it was really cool.  The artist took old computers and created sculptures with them.  One of my favorites on the website is this one: You can see more of his artwork at: http://www.sandysmith.co.uk/artwork/computers/sandy_smith_computers.html Just click on any of the monitors and it will take you to […]