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Solar Max

Sweet little strategy game I found online.

Twelve years!

May 23rd 1998. The day God change my life by bringing D’Anna and I together in marriage. She has been the best thing that has happened to me. I can’t express how much she means to me. I love her so much, even when we are mad at each other :). I look forward to […]

games.. .geeky… gadgets… and more games.

Here’s another¬† game I’ve run across lately…. tiny castle – it’s a well done platform game.¬† You have to keep going and the level keeps changing as you go.¬† Thankfully it saves every so often so you don’t loose your place. Try it out it’s fun. geekyness- iphone 4.0 is releasing an OS upgrade!!! and […]

WordPress iPhone app

So I downloaded the wordpress iPhone app. It’s sweet! Now I’m not just limited to my computers for blogging. Yeah I know I’m a geek…..

Quick-Hit Review of the Losers

Check out my quick-hit review of Losers over at TruthonCinema.com Thanks to Dan for getting me the free screening passes to see it. I was able to meet a favorite cousin and watch the movie with him. It was an Awesome experience!!!