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Where did God, Games, Gadgets, and Geekery fit in this holiday season? January 5, 2009 at 1:04 pm

So my mantra has been God, Games, Gadgets, and Geekery and I thought I’d share with you how this fit in with my Christmas vacation (not the movie although I do love it).

God – We started a new tradition this year. Jacob helped me to bake a birthday cake for Jesus. So we baked the cake, put candles in it, sang happy birthday to Him, and then ate some of the cake. While eating the cake we talked about why Christmas was special and why Jesus’ birth was special. It was a very nice time with D’Anna, Jacob and I (we’ll include Julia once she is old enough to eat cake). It’s a tradition that we will continue to do and it will be the first thing we do before the mad rush of opening gifts, traveling, etc, etc…

Games – We bought a wii for the family for Christmas! It is amazingly fun. Although the graphics are not your latest and greatest, the implementation of the games with the wii-mote and the nunchuk are awesome! We went ahead and bought two extra wii-motes and one nunchuk so that D’Anna, Jacob and I could all play. We (not wii) bought wii-sports, wii-play, and Kawasaki-snow mobile. Wii-sports is by far the best of the lot we bought, featuring tennis, golf, bowling, baseball, and boxing. D’Anna beats my in Tennis, cause I have no backhand. Golf is a nice relaxing game. Bowling is an intense battle between all three of us, even Jacob does really well at this one. Baseball is all about timing, and Boxing is the real work-out and really enjoyable yet frustrating at the same time. Wii-play came with the extra wii-mote and it features a progressive list of games that helps with your control of the wii-mote/nunchuk better. Some of the games include a shooting game, a fishing game, a cow racing game (yes a cow) which is Jacob’s favorite, and a tank strategy game which is my favorite. If you haven’t had a chance to play with a wii, I highly recommend it as it is very fun.

Gadgets – Really the only gadgety thing I did this break was I help my grandmother set up her digital picture frame. Oh yeah and I bought D’Anna a new phone, the Samsung Instinct. It is very cool!!!

Geekery – Started talking and brainstorming about making a movie with five other friends (you know who you are) and I’m leaning towards playing a computer geek hacker type guy, yeah far stretch for me, right? I’m looking forward to working with these guys in such a creative way.

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