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Tech support December 4, 2008 at 4:26 pm

-begin RANT

I have come think that Norton Antivirus is a pain to uninstall.  I’d almost say tha it’s harder to get rid of than an actual virus!

I’ve been working on a friends computer for most of the day because NAV kept on popping up a window that was trying to find an installed component that wasn’t there.  After reading lots of tech forums and blogs, including Symantec’s own, I decided the best course of action was to uninstall it.  It does not uninstall very easy.  I’ve gone through XP’s add/remove in control panel.  I’ve deleted the folders that pertain the programs, I’ve used a couple of my favorite tools to remove the registry entries and the programs themselves.  And still when I log on I get a nice little Symantec window saying it can’t find the blasted program!

Back to the internet for me I supposed…….  At least I was finally able to get rid of Microsoft Office on the machine so I can install a clean copy of it, that was a nightmare in itself.

-end RANT

2 Responses to “Tech support”

  1. I personally believe that the Norton company is just a front for a Russian Computer Hacking Mob and every time a new computer gets shipped out with its neat and tidy and BLOATED software loaded on it, they enjoy a hearty laugh.

    Down with NAV!!!

  2. Yeah I think I'm going to have to rant about the evil empire that I'm dealing with Microsoft! I'm having trouble getting Office 2007 to install, and there are no log files or anything indicating why it won't install….. grrrrrrrr